We almost always have freesia in our coolers because it is so fragrant, and we love to include a few in our garden-style vase arrangements.

The only problem is that the first bloom on the stem tends to wither and die, and we have to pluck it off. Or that’s the way it was until recently when we learned a great secret about freesia that we’re going to pass on to you.

NEVER cut freesia. No matter what the end of the stem looks like, resist the urge to give it a fresh cut. Just place freesia in cold water without cutting it at all, and the blooms will open in sequence, they way you always hoped they would.

As wonderful as freesia is in cut flower arrangements, it’s also beautiful in the garden. If you live north of Florida, follow THESE TIPS for growing Fressia. Sadly, most classic  flowering bulbs don’t like our Florida climate, so we can’t grow freesia here. However, some daffodil varieties grow in Florida, which you can learn about in my article for the Orlando Sentinel HERE.