With all the planning and celebrating around Mother’s Day—the spa visit, nail salon, fine dining and flowers—have you ever wondered how this holiday began? Contrary to some beliefs, this holiday was not invented by Hallmark! In 1907, Anna Jarvis started a letter-writing campaign to ask ministers, businessmen and congressmen to make Mothers Day a holiday to recognize all mothers. Why? She had just lost her mother two years earlier and missed her terribly. With each letter, she sent a white carnation.

















In May of 1914, President Wilson decided he agreed, and that mothers ought to be officially celebrated. Back then, mothers wire a carnation corsage pinned to their dress: a white one if your own mother had passed away, and a colored one if she was living. Today, Mother’s Day is still synonymous with flowers. We at Bay Hill Florist are enjoying the fun of taking hundreds of orders and making each creation unique and special. Here’s to all the moms in town. Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo by Simon Blackwell