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Shop Profile: Iona’s Flower Market

Recently I spent a long weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida, which is a gorgeous beach town in the panhandle. Among the new restaurants and shops is a flower studio called Iona’s Flower Market, managed by the lovely and talented Brittni Walker. It’s fitting that Brittni would operate a flower shop in Rosemary Beach, because she [...]

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Wedding Flower Style on

Are you planning your wedding? You probably have a lot on your plate, not the least of which is choosing the wedding flower style that is best for the location, time of year and of course your own personal taste. When choosing flowers for your wedding, it all begins with the bridal bouquet. Once you [...]

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Fresh Take on Wedding Photos

The elements of a wedding--like the dress, the flowers, the location--come together to express what a couple is all about, and some photographers intuitively understand how to tell that story through images. We recently did flowers for a wedding photographed by Anna Powers, and she is exactly the kind of storyteller I'm talking about. To [...]

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Sunday’s Child

No one really likes working on a Sunday, but I really enjoyed it today! Jo Ann and I went to Pennocks' open house and got some fresh ideas for new designs and materials to use for Easter and Mother's Day. Then we came back to the shop to finish our work on a wedding taking [...]

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My Love is a Red Rose

Thanks to photographer Chad Pilster for sharing these wedding photos with us. We did this wedding back in October for a bride and groom who got married beside the water at Crane's Roost Park. This is the first time I've seen a wedding at that location and it turns out to be a beautiful spot. [...]

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Wedding Tips

With its tropical temperatures and colorful scenery, Orlando has all the makings of a photography hot spot. Still, choosing settings that match your vision for your own Orlando photo shoot can be difficult, especially when evaluating the landscape and aesthetic of each area. You’ll also need to consider the travel time from location to location, [...]

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