It is a very exciting time of year!! We barely have a moment to catch our breath between phone calls because our customers are ordering for the big V.

I have to take a moment to tell you about our roses. They are nothing short of amazing. As usual, they are the ‘Her Majesty’ variety, but we have done something a little different: we’ve gotten in procona wet-packed roses this year. What, you may ask, are proconas? I’ll tell you. They are rectangular bins that serve as buckets, and the roses are shipped to us in them upright. This means they are never out of water. When they arrive here, they are fresh, perky and gorgeous–everything you would hope for in a rose. Yes, they cost us more than dry-shipped roses would. No, we do not pass that cost on to you. We have decided it is worth it to get the absolute finest quality roses so we can delight lovers everywhere with stunning bouquets of roses like they’ve never seen before. Another benefit to this shipping method is that the roses are not damaged in transit. The protective covering on top of the procona bin is fool-proof, so the blooms are flawless upon arrival.

Our filler flowers are like something from another planet, too. We do carry baby’s breath, for those who must have it. But I strongly recommend going with something out of the ordinary, like genestra (left). We have it in several colors and it has a wonderful fragrance. It has perfumed our entire shop! It arches gracefully out from the sides of the container and makes the arrangements ever so romantic. We also have bouvardia (right), which has star-shaped flowers that contrast perfectly with the orbital shape of the roses.

If you aren’t in the mood for roses, please know that we are also doing garden-style vases, and we’re calling them “In The Garden.” These include a mix of preium flowers like stock, hydrangeas, lilies, mini-callas and a few roses for good luck. These arrangements exude pure romance!

The only sad story of the seasons is that we will not have peonies this year. I did lose sleep over this, as peonies are my favorite. But at this time of year, peonies come from Israel, and they are not in season in our part of the world. A cold snap delayed the peony harvest in Israel, and no one will be having peonies for Valentine’s this year, that I am aware of.