Organic Agapanthus? Check!

Organic Agapanthus? Check!

Bay Hill Florist Orlando agapanthusWe recently began carrying agapanthus regularly–it’s tall, smooth stem and fireworks-style blooms at the top are showy in big, gardeny arrangements, and their periwinkle color is hard to find in other flowers. We love putting them in compact French arrangements, too. The way their flowers hover above the other mixed blossoms in a low geometric vase adds dynamic texture.

Just where do we get our agapanthus? They come to us from St. Patrick’s, an organic farm that is certified by both the USDA and CERES. They’re also smart when it comes to water usage–emphasizing drip irrigation (which greatly reduces evaporation waste) and good mulching techniques.

If you aren’t used to seeing agaanthus in flower arrangements, you most likely have seen it in gardens and public landscapes. Drive through Los Angeles and you’ll see it growing in great abundance in medians and roadside plantings. There’s plenty of it around town in Miami, too. It grows well in containers as well as beds and borders.

Bay Hill Florist Orlando agapanthus

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