It’s been a few weeks since it hit newsstands, but I finally had a minute to look at the issue of People covering Camilla Alves and Matthew Mcconaughey’s wedding. Important stuff. The cover shows the lovely couple up close on their wedding day, and Camilla is holding her bouquet. I turned to the story inside to see more, and became alarmed when I got to page 60. In a 2/3rds-page picture, Camilla is walking down the aisle, carrying her cascading white bouquet. The accompanying caption reads: “Camilla carried cattleya orchids and artichoke flowers by Austin florist Cowgirls and Flowers.”

Wait a minute. Where are said orchids? And donde esta artichoke flowers? I don’t see them. What I see are three other varieties of flowers. Look closely at the photo…can you name them?