Minimalist Bridal Bouquets

Minimalist Bridal Bouquets

One of the foundational elements of modern design is repetition, which in the world of bridal bouquets means an arrangement of few or many of the same thing, or a repeat of patterns throughout an arrangement. Even if you have a whopping 30 calla lilies in your bridal bouquet, I would still call that minimalism, an aesthetic quite at home in the modern world. The massive bouquet of callas is minimalist because of the design approach, not the size. If you are wondering whether such repetition might sound severe, not soft enough for a bride, remember that we’re talking about flowers here. Arranged symmetrically in a uniform cluster, the velvety, conical blooms exude simplicity, elegance and even presence of mind.

No, I don’t need the confusion of 15 different flower types in my bouquet, because I know exactly what I like.

calla-lily-bouquetThe use of uniform color throughout the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception is another way to achieve a minimalist look. If you stop and think about it, the classic all-white bouquet is the ultimate piece of modern adornment.


We’re so lucky to be living in a time when flower styles are broadcast daily. On Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police, Hollywood Regency-style bouquets are just as fashionable as the hosts, their guests and the stars they critique. Everyone has noticed Downton Abbey’s lush and outlandish floral designs that appear with as much drama as the actors. But in my view, the poseys that Kate Middleton carries have set the bar pretty high for anyone who wishes to show herself as a modern woman. The delicate lily-of-the-valley bouquet at her wedding. The yellow roses she clutched on the way home from the hospital after her much-publicized stay for pregnancy-related illness. What these floral expressions have in common is their minimalism. They are the very essence of confidence.


And that’s where you come in. As you plan your wedding and consider your flower options, think of the seasonal flower you love most–the peony, the garden rose, the tulip, hydrangea or orchid–and go ALL IN. Your bouquet, your bridesmaids’, the centerpieces, everything, a mass of that one flower. Allow the shape and color of that flower to define your wedding style: it will be very chic, and very you.

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