There are so many designs for funeral arrangements. Easel sprays, urns, baskets and vases are just some of the options. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are ordering.

It is very special to the deceased’s loved ones if you order an arrangement that they can take home with them after the service. The classic funeral sprays, wreaths and plastic baskets don’t really translate to the home environment. Instead, consider sending:

1. A gorgeous orchid plant. We place a white orchid plant in a large glass hurricane vase and wrap the lip of the vase with a beautiful bow. The vase is then set on a round dish adorned with greenery and cut orchids, which encircle the base of the vase. It is gorgeous! After the service, the spouse or other loved one can remove the vase from the dish and have the fineral home or church deliver the orchid to their home. Because orchids last a long time, it will be a continual reminder of your care and support for the spouse or loved one who is left behind.

2. A stunning vase arrangement (hold the foam!). Floral foam is a medium that holds flowers in place, but one downside is that when the stems are in foam instead of directly in fresh water, the flowers don’t last as long. The arrangement above is one I made for a funeral today, and it is in a bronze-finish vase, with no foam. It is a lush, garden-style arrangement that will work beautifully in the family’s home after the service. It is the same size as a traditional funeral basket, but it will last much longer, and quite frankly, it is prettier. Remember that most funeral homes will transport requested arrangements for the family.

3. Wait a week and then send flowers. Instead of sending an arrangement to the funeral, consider waiting a week and then sending a floral arrangement to the family of the deceased. One of the most difficult things for the family is the the quietness that comes after all the hustle and bustle of a funeral. They’ve been surrounded by friends and family for days during funeral preparations and during the actual service; but suddenly, the crowd subsides and they must face their grief. This is the perfect time to send a plant or flowers.