At this time of year, I pass on air fresherners that dangle from my rear-view mirror and instead opt for a gardenia bloom picked from my hedge as I leave the house. The frangrance is utterly enchanting. 

And because it is prom season, it’s a great time to kick it old school and rock a gardenia corsage or boutonnière. Call today to order one of these gorgeous, deeply-perfumed flowers for the dance! Florist gardenias are not quite the same as the ones that grow on our bushes. They are larger and without imperfections. Because of this, they are expensive. A corsage with orchids or spray roses is about $30, and a gardenia corsage is $45. But worth it!

Gardenias in bridal bouquets also float my boat. This one on the right is SO glamorous–those thick, velvety petals cannot be denied! When designing with gardenias, I wait until just before the wedding to make the bouquet. I want them to stay on the plant for as long as botanically possible so they are fresh and perfect for the walk down the aisle.