Bay Hill Florist OrlandoOver the weekend we did flowers for a baby shower, and our client wanted something that breaks the mold. We’re all for soft blues, pinks and yellows, but why not try something different that shower guests will notice and remember for a long time? Our client had sent out black, white and hot pink invitations, so our flowers followed that color scheme. Check out this totally original, fun floral design concept!

Bay Hill Florist OrlandoIt might look like the vases are zebra print, but in fact, we use clear glass cube-style vases and line them with waterproof polypropylene ribbon that’s printed with a zebra pattern. We have other prints available as well to match your style and theme.

Many floral designs rely on greenery as a base to hold the flowers in place. In these arrangements we used white hydrangeas instead, because they give the designs an appealing sense of weight and fullness. We popped in some hot pink roses, and to keep the arrangements more modern than Victorian, we added loops of lily grass, which is locally grown and readily available in Central Florida.

At Bay Hill Florist we recommend that our clients order low arrangements for table centerpieces. Even though designs with a lot of height look amazing when you’re standing back and surveying the room, they are annoying for guests seated around the table trying to converse with one another. We’ve seen wedding guests bobbing and weaving to look around tall arrangements so they can look people in the eye while they’re talking.

If you do order low centerpieces, they’ll disappear into the clutter of tableware unless you punch them up with color and style, like we’ve done here.

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