Enjoying my Easter Sunday on the beach, I discovered in the new issue of Vogue a story photographed at The Ritz in Paris, which is closing for renovation. A shot of their Flower Room,  normally occupied by 5 floral designers working under Djordje Varda, sees 10,000 blooms come and go each week. Varda’s designs, whether petit or magnificently huge, are nothing short of art. His beautifully intricate work really is a testament to how worthwhile it is to be high-maintenance once in a while. Take a look at his website to see inspiring photos of his work.

Varda grew up in Belgrade, and his parents moved to Paris when he had just finished highschool. He went on to study law to continue the family tradition, but was always longing for weekends when he would delve into his avocation, floral design. Ultimately he opened a floral boutique which 20 years later is a true destination in Paris..and to think, he is entirely self-taught!