Bay Hill Florist OrlandoFlower designs are used to decorate every possible surface: lampshades, blouses, dresses, buildings (yes!), notebooks, cell phone cases, tote bags, you name it. Go for a walk down the aisle of any store anywhere and you’re going to see a floral print before you get to the end.

Flowers have proven to be endlessly charming, signifying all that’s good in life, and inspiring warm feelings for not just the giver of the flowers and the flowers themselves, but for nature. Is it their color, shape or fragrance that makes flowers so desirable? It’s fair to say it’s all three.

The one problem with fresh blooms is that typically they last only a week. Your expectations have to be reasonable when it comes to their life span. But you can satisfy your cravings for flowers by decorating with and wearing the many flower-print options out there…and in here.

At Bay Hill Florist we carry high-quality silks as well as framed flower prints. This way, you can enjoy flowers year-round. Stop by our Sand Lake Road location and see our selection of offerings.

See example of the framed prints we sell by clicking over to our Pinterest board HERE.