Bay Hill Florist Orlando

The side view of our window display by Paul Ponn.

This week we’ve been redecorating our shop for the fall season. If you come by, you’ll notice the front window has an entirely new display. The display was created by stylist extraordinaire Paul Ponn. Paul’s award-winning design work was featured in the August 2012 issue of Flowers& magazine, and he’s currently competing in the Barcelona World Flower Cup design competition.

We also redesigned the retail area by our register, filling a gorgeous antique armoire with silks, vases and decor for fall.

Speaking of silks, we have a shipment coming next week with an extraordinary line of new silks. Magnolias, snowballs, eucalyptus wreaths, amaranth berry, sunflowers, sword fern, orchids, calla lilies, olive branches, pomegranate and zebra grass are just a few of the amazing silks we will be working with this fall.

If we’ve designed your silks for previous holidays, you know that Bay Hill Florist Orlandothe quality of our product and the level of detail in our designs surpasses that of craft stores by a long shot. Each arrangement we make is a custom concept–we never mass-produce our designs. If you haven’t been to our shop for your holiday silks before and you’re tired of the conveyor-belt look of those dime-a-dozen centerpieces and wreaths, come to Bay Hill Florist for a special arrangement made just for you.

We also have lovely new fresh arrangements for fall, with their own section on our eCommerce site. Take a look and see the range of styles and prices we have to offer. We’re incorporating sunflowers, cattails, hydrangeas, lilies, roses and poms–and that’s just the beginning. Our selection of vases and baskets is chosen with great care, so that we can offer you the looks you love this fall.