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Something to Consider on Valentine’s Day

Local flower shops do it best! Here's a thought: Small business owners throughout the U.S. (and beyond) are working tirelessly to serve their customers, and this is true of florists. Flower shops have a long history of bringing joy and satisfaction to customers by buying in the freshest flowers from their suppliers, carefully [...]

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Our Valentine’s Day Roses

You've heard about our roses: ‘Her Majesty’ is a stunning red rose that comes from our favorite farm in Ecuador, and we‘re the only florist in Orlando where you can find it. ‘Her Majesty’ opens beautifully and has a deep, rich color, making it a favorite among rose connoisseurs. This regal long-stemmed rose shouts romance from [...]

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Tips for Ordering Roses

Looking for some tips on how to order roses? There are three things to consider: the rose variety, the type of filler flower, and the style of vase. 1. There’s nothing wrong with long-stemmed red roses, but you’ll wow her if you choose an unexpected color like lavender or white.           [...]

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Bed of Roses

Life might not be a walk in the park but it sure can be a bed of roses. For only $15, you can delight your Valentine by sprinkling the sheets with a bag of rose petals. Guys, we're talking MAJOR romance points here. Stop by the shop and pick up a bag on your way [...]

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Our Weekly Special

This week, we're offering ten fresh-cut tulips in a glass cylinder vase for only $40. Considering the insanely bi-polar weather we've been having (No complaints! At least it's not the polar vortex!), we've set our sights on spring. What better way to look forward to the changing of the seasons than a beautiful vase of [...]

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Classic Spots for Orlando Portrait Photography

With its tropical temperatures and colorful scenery, Orlando has all the makings of a photography hot spot. Still, choosing settings that match your vision for your own Orlando photo shoot can be difficult, especially when evaluating the landscape and aesthetic of each area. You’ll also need to consider the travel time from location to location, [...]

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Flowering Tropicals

Did you know that poinsettias are flowering tropical plants that thrive here in Central Florida? Some locals plant their poinsettias in the yard after Christmas and are pleased to discover that they grow year-round. This year, we have a wonderful selection of poinsettias as well as other flowering plants like orchids, Christmas cactus and amaryllis. [...]

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Floral Gift Ideas for New Year’s

Christmas and Hannukah can knock the wind out of you when it comes to gift-giving, not to mention what it does to your pocketbook. Yet if you’re going to a New Year’s party, it’s a shame to neglect your host. You do want to bring a gift–even it it’s something simple and sweet–to let them [...]

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Shop Profile: Iona’s Flower Market

Recently I spent a long weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida, which is a gorgeous beach town in the panhandle. Among the new restaurants and shops is a flower studio called Iona’s Flower Market, managed by the lovely and talented Brittni Walker. It’s fitting that Brittni would operate a flower shop in Rosemary Beach, because she [...]

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