At Bay Hill Florist, our top seller is fresh flowers, namely roses, but we also offer a selection of silk and dried flowers. Despite what you might think, silk and dried flowers DO have a place in home decor if they’re done well. The key is to choose high-quality flowers, pick a look that works well in your room and work with a good designer.

Ready for some tips on getting the most style mileage out of your silk and dried flowers? Read on!

1. Art Imitates Life

Go with a silk arrangement that successfully fools even the most discerning eye into thinking it’s fresh. This silk orchid on the left looks so much like a real one, no one will know it’s a good fake. The collection of succulents on the right¬†couldn’t be more convincing. The big benefit? They will last forever. Shopping tip: the best silk flowers don’t just LOOK real, they FEEL real. So be bold and get handsy.












2. Bone Dry

Old-fashioned dried flower designs were usually an assemblage of several varieties poked into floral foam in a basket. They looked a little bit like a fresh flower arrangement that had long since died but was never thrown away. You’ll be much happier with the results if you choose simple repetition: a whole bunch of the same thing rather than various specimens. The dried cypress on the left and the dried lavender on the right have an added advantage: they smell really good!

Orlando florist













3. Permanently Pretty

Don’t overlook moss as a decorating tool. As pairing neutrals with natural greens becomes an ever more popular color combination, moss is making its way indoors. As easy as living moss is to maintain (all it needs is the right amount of shade and water to thrive), dried moss needs exactly nothing from you whatsoever, except a clever design idea. We like these large stone containers that are stuffed with bubble wrap and leftover plastic shopping bags (great recycle/reuse idea!) that have been shaped into a dome. The moss is glued on top. Wondering where to put the containers? They can mark the exit to the backyard by sitting on either side of the French doors, or you can place them where you would otherwise put a floor plant.

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Looking for more inspiration? Visit our Pinterest page on dried flower design ideas.