We love designing with hydrangeas, and we get in a weekly shipment to keep a good supply. My personal favorite is the green hydrangea, which lasts longest and looks so gardeny, complementing most arrangements. That’s not to say pink, blue, while and all shades between aren’t enchanting as well. The one problem we’ve faced in the past is when the blooms go limp, as if they aren’t getting water. You can’t prevent that 100% of the time, but a neat trick for making it happen significantly less often is to treat hydrangeas with alum. Here are the steps:

1. Make a fresh cut on the stem.

2. Dip the end in Quick Dip solution that encourages fast hydration. (Skip this step if you don’t have access to Quick Dip.)

3. Immediately dip the ends in alum…that’s right, pickling spice!

4. Place the stem in a bucket of cool water.