A New Wedding Blog

A New Wedding Blog

Two very exciting things are happening on February 14th, 2013.

Bay Hill Florist OrlandoFirst-off, we are helping our customers celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending beautiful fresh flower arrangements to their loved ones. We’re developing our offerings and the Valentine’s designs will be up on our site next week.

As always, we’ll be carrying the finest roses money can buy. ‘Her Majesty’ is a stunning red rose that comes from our favorite farm in Ecuador, and we‘re the only florist in Orlando where you can find it. ‘Her Majesty’ opens beautifully and has a deep, rich color, making it a favorite among rose connoisseurs. This regal long-stemmed rose shouts romance from the rooftops!

We’ll also create gorgeous garden-style vases full of stock, lilies, hydrangeas, orchids and much more. For those looking for something different and unexpected, garden-style arrangements are the perfect gift. They’re also fragrant, filling the room with an amazing scent.

The longest-lasting option is an orchid plant. Our beautiful white or purple phalaenopsis plants are placed in decorative containers and designed with bamboo and moss. The blooms are fresh for weeks, and will rebloom throughout the year with the proper care.

Whew! So that’s that. Wondering what the second big announcement is? I’m going to be contributing to a new wedding blog called Bridebird, which launches on February 14th. Spearheaded by photographer Anna Powers of Sunbright Sparrow Studio, this blog is NOT your average D.I.Y. website. It’s about designing a beautiful wedding story for you and your groom by using the best services and locations available. The images are aspirational and the tips and ideas are exclusive and amazing. Follow us on Facebook today, and come back Feb. 14th for the launch.

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  1. Simple Weddings March 20, 2016 at 1:30 am - Reply

    It’s a really good service especially for celebrate Valentine’s Day. But how many cost for getting this service? Can you provide this service for any wedding party?

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