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Tips for making cut Freesia last

We almost always have freesia in our coolers because it is so fragrant, and we love to include a few in our garden-style vase arrangements. The only problem is that the first bloom on the stem tends to wither and die, and we have to pluck it off. Or that's the way it was until recently [...]

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Spring in Florida

Spring is right around the corner, and here at Bay Hill Florist in Orlando we’re celebrating with flowers. There are a flower varieties that come available this time of year that are worth highlighting. One of our favorites this time of year is the Florida snapdragon. They are locally-grown, and have perkier blooms and more [...]

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Valentine’s Day Blog

We want to send a big giant hug out to all our fantastic customers, who made Valentine's Day so fun and busy. We appreciate and love you all! Our shop, full of Friday's Valentine's Day deliveries. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever feel like you need a bit of inspiration when you're writing a note to attach [...]

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Something to Consider on Valentine’s Day

Local flower shops do it best! Here's a thought: Small business owners throughout the U.S. (and beyond) are working tirelessly to serve their customers, and this is true of florists. Flower shops have a long history of bringing joy and satisfaction to customers by buying in the freshest flowers from their suppliers, carefully [...]

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