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The REAL Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This month we’re running a Rafflecopter giveaway on our website offering a free Thanksgiving centerpiece to the winner. The winner can be from anywhere in the U.S., and the flowers can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. that Telelfora offers delivery services. There are several ways to enter, one of which is to leave a [...]

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Enter to win a Thanksgiving floral centerpiece!

                    One of the many things that makes Thanksgiving so special is the extra care taken to decorate the dinner table. The people we love most are gathered together to celebrate family and friendship, and the mood is heightened by the amazing display before us. [...]

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Flower Style

Flower designs are used to decorate every possible surface: lampshades, blouses, dresses, buildings (yes!), notebooks, cell phone cases, tote bags, you name it. Go for a walk down the aisle of any store anywhere and you're going to see a floral print before you get to the end. Flowers have proven to be endlessly charming, [...]

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Heavenly Vessels

Vases have been around since people first started making things. Of all the arts, ceramics has the longest history, and you’ll find vases in almost every museum in the world, each one telling the story of an age. Poke around on the internet a bit and you’ll find in-depth histories of vase shapes, like these [...]

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