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Minimalist Bridal Bouquets

One of the foundational elements of modern design is repetition, which in the world of bridal bouquets means an arrangement of few or many of the same thing, or a repeat of patterns throughout an arrangement. Even if you have a whopping 30 calla lilies in your bridal bouquet, I would still call that minimalism, [...]

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We’re Giving Away Roses!

Any chance you’re interested in sending a dozen roses to someone you love? We can help with that. Enter to win–one winner will be chosen. If you comment on a post to increase your number of entries, make sure your comment is on a post OTHER than this “We’re Giving Away Roses” post. We’d like [...]

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New Flower Stamps

The beauty of American garden flowers is captured on 10 colorful new stamps featuring intricate illustrations from vintage seed packets. Art director Antonio Alcalá used photographs of actual seed packets, cropping them to highlight the beautiful floral detail. Above each illustration is the name of the flower in bold capital letters. […]

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