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Funky Tropical Greens

This summer we are carrying tropical greens, some of which you might not have known could be used as cut greens. Sansevierias (a.k.a. Mother-in-Law’s tongue), which were popular in the 70’s as houseplants have made a resurgence as landscape plants. They also function well as long-lasting cuts in a vase. […]

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Name Those Flowers

It's been a few weeks since it hit newsstands, but I finally had a minute to look at the issue of People covering Camilla Alves and Matthew Mcconaughey's wedding. Important stuff. The cover shows the lovely couple up close on their wedding day, and Camilla is holding her bouquet. I turned to the story inside [...]

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Growing Cut Flowers in Florida

My "growing " interest in sourcing local cut flowers led me to a report published on the University of Florida's EDIS website, where you can find a wealth of agriculture-related information. While sunflowers, snapdragons and leatherleaf fern all enjoy the attention of farmers in our part of the country, there is room for other cultivars [...]

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