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Classic Wedding Beauty

When Heather, this lovely bride-to-be, first walked into our shop, I knew that very good things could come from our collaboration. Not only is she totally in love (romance radiates from her like moonbeams), but she has great taste for classic beauty. The spring season all but dictated that hydrangeas, peonies and roses would form [...]

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Fresh Take on Wedding Photos

The elements of a wedding--like the dress, the flowers, the location--come together to express what a couple is all about, and some photographers intuitively understand how to tell that story through images. We recently did flowers for a wedding photographed by Anna Powers, and she is exactly the kind of storyteller I'm talking about. To [...]

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Guilty Flowers

I've been struggling with some guilty feelings about the source of some of our flowers. Straight up: most of them are not local. My friend Debra Prinzing wrote a fabulous book that was published this April called The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers, and it's about the importance of local seasonality in [...]

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