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Seasonal Centerpieces

Spring is the season for parties! We've been making lots of centerpieces for area hotels, restaurants and individual clients, so I've photographed a few of them in our in-house studio. If you're planning a party and would like to see samples of our work, check out this gallery. We work in all styles, and are [...]

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Baby Shower Flowers

We're doing flowers for a baby shower at Park Plaza Gardens in a few days and the flowers for the event are starting to come in. I was absolutely bowled over by the quality of what we've gotten so far. The hydrangeaa are perky; the peonies are like a soft, puffy pillow; and the ranunculus [...]

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Flowers en Vogue

Enjoying my Easter Sunday on the beach, I discovered in the new issue of Vogue a story photographed at The Ritz in Paris, which is closing for renovation. A shot of their Flower Room,  normally occupied by 5 floral designers working under Djordje Varda, sees 10,000 blooms come and go each week. Varda's designs, whether [...]

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Spring Fling Flower Show

Last Sunday we went to Pennock's "Spring Fling" flower show. We arrived right at 9 a.m. when it started, and immediately went to the area where their suppliers' farm representatives were showing off the varieties they carry. It was great to compare varieties from grower to grower--even if it is the same flower, the growing [...]

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Sunday’s Child

No one really likes working on a Sunday, but I really enjoyed it today! Jo Ann and I went to Pennocks' open house and got some fresh ideas for new designs and materials to use for Easter and Mother's Day. Then we came back to the shop to finish our work on a wedding taking [...]

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