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Fresh Today

I recently started going to the floral supplier early in the morning to see what they've gotten in fresh. We get great stuff when we buy over the phone, but when I'm there in person, I discover varieties of flowers I didn't know they had, unusual greens, and funky branches and twigs, not to mention vases. [...]

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In Loving Memory

There are so many designs for funeral arrangements. Easel sprays, urns, baskets and vases are just some of the options. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are ordering. It is very special to the deceased's loved ones if you order an arrangement that they can take home with them after the service. The [...]

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Wedding Designs From the Garden

Want to know more about our wedding designer Sarah Kinbar? Read this interview below... What inspires your designs? I love natural-looking, garden-style arrangements the most, although I enjoy working in a range of styles. I was a garden editor for the past eleven years, and editor-in-chief of Garden Design magazine for two and a half of those years, so [...]

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Wedding Tips

With its tropical temperatures and colorful scenery, Orlando has all the makings of a photography hot spot. Still, choosing settings that match your vision for your own Orlando photo shoot can be difficult, especially when evaluating the landscape and aesthetic of each area. You’ll also need to consider the travel time from location to location, [...]

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