Fall Decorating Ideas

Bay Hill Florist Orlando

Here at Bay Hill Florist, we’ve always got decorating on the brain. Fresh flowers are such an important part of seasonal decor, so we are busy creating new designs, developing fresh ideas, and scouring the web and magazines for tips from the pros. Below, find some of our favorite fall decorating  ideas, all easy to […]

Decorating for Fall

Bay Hill Florist Orlando

This week we’ve been redecorating our shop for the fall season. If you come by, you’ll notice the front window has an entirely new display. The display was created by stylist extraordinaire Paul Ponn. Paul’s award-winning design work was featured in the August 2012 issue of Flowers& magazine, and he’s currently competing in the Barcelona […]

A Trick to Hydrate Cut Hydrangeas

Orlando Florist hydrangeas

We love designing with hydrangeas, and we get in a weekly shipment to keep a good supply. My personal favorite is the green hydrangea, which lasts longest and looks so gardeny, complementing most arrangements. That’s not to say pink, blue, while and all shades between aren’t enchanting as well. The one problem we’ve faced in […]

Suiting Up For Valentine’s Day

It is a very exciting time of year!! We barely have a moment to catch our breath between phone calls because our customers are ordering for the big V. I have to take a moment to tell you about our roses. They are nothing short of amazing. As usual, they are the ‘Her Majesty’ variety, […]

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