Tips for Ordering Roses

Looking for some tips on how to order roses? There are three things to consider: the rose variety, the type of filler flower, and the style of vase.

1. There’s nothing wrong with long-stemmed red roses, but you’ll wow her if you choose an unexpected color like lavender or white.

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2. Since baby’s breath can be boring, try something different like genestra (shown below)—which is sweetly scented—or bouvardia. She’ll be impressed with your good taste if you choose one of these.

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3. Finally, show her that you put some thought into your order by asking the florist to use a unique vase rather than a plain utility vase. Your wife will save the vase and be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time she uses it.

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2 Responses to “Tips for Ordering Roses”
  1. angela reed says:

    I may have already posted, I have a dinosaur for a computer! But I am going to use the tips you offer in this page. I sometimes am suprised with roses, my husband is thoughtful. But now I can remind him to ask for a certain vase, maybe just him picking one out would be memory enough.

  2. Stephanie Thompson (Free) says:

    The thought of a unique vase will work for me when I send my Daughter flowers because she doesn’t save a regular vase so a unique vase would be something she would keep and remember the flowers she received. Nice idea.

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